How to Recover Disappeared Contacts on iPhone 6 Plus/6

We all know that phone contacts is some kind of important resource in our life, but sometimes we may accidentally get them to disappear for some reason. This is a disaster for us, so there is a topic we will discuss today: How to recover disappeared contacts on iPhone 6 Plus/6.

We need to know why would we lose our contacts first.

1.Deleted by Accident
2.iOS update
3.Factory reset
4.iPhone Plus/6 Jailbreak
5.Attacked by Virus
6.iPhone Plus/6 is stuck in black/white Apple logo screen or other death screen
7.iPhone Plus/6 is stuck in recovery mode
8.Battery replacement

If we encounter those situation and find that our contacts are lost, the important thing is try to figure out a way to recover the disappeared contacts on iPhone 6 Plus/6 .

Therefore, how to recover disappeared contacts on iPhone 6 Plus/6?

iPhone 6 +/6 don’t have some function like recover our contacts automatically, so if we want to recover them from our iPhone directly, we need to use a third-party data recovery software. Of course, if we have synced our iPhone 6 Plus/6 with iTunes, we can restore our lost contacts by iTunes.

Speaking of the third-party data recovery software, Tenorshare iPhone 6 Data Recovery can achieve this goal for you, directly recover the data is the selling point of this program, with this feature, you can easily get your deleted contacts back, not only the disappeared contacts, the lost photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, voice memo and so on from iPhone 6+ can also be restored by 3 steps:  

The First Step: select the recovery mode
There are three modes can be chosen: “Recover Data from iOS device”, “Recover from iTunes backup files”, “Recover from iCloud backup files”. It is very easy to understand, in this case, we choose the “Recover Data from iOS device”.
The Second Step: Scan
All three modes need to executive the step of scan. The scan time depends on how many files on your iPhone  6 Plus/iPhone 6.
The Last Step: Preview and Recovery
When the scan is done, you can select the contacts on the left and preview all of them, choose the contacts you need and recover them.

You can master this program in a few minutes, it is not complicated, just follow the guide you can easily get your lost contacts back. By the way, Tenorshare iPhone 6 Plus/6 Data Recovery also can restore your contacts from your iTunes or iCloud backup, and the advantage is only one software can complete all the recover or backup mission. It’s convenience and easy to use. I hope it can help you!

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  1. I'd heard of a couple of people having this exact issue! Thanks for sharing what to do if this happens to someone. It can be incredibly frustrating!