About iPhone Data Recovery, What Do You Still Want to Know?

This blog has been built more than a year. At first, this blog was aimed to provide all kind of iPhone data recovery technology and iPhone tips. So far, I have written 33 posts here, and I was so happy to see most iPhone users got lost data back after following the guide of my posts.

Let’s sum up what I have written in the past:
1. iPhone Data Recovery. This is the main topic of this blog and of course most articles are about it, including how to retrieve deleted text messages iPhone, recover photos from iPhone, recover iPhone notes, calendar, contacts, WhatsApp messages and more.

iphone data recovery

2. iPad Data Recovery. The second topic of this blog, you can get how to restore photos, notes from iPad Air, Mini, 1, 2, 3, 4.

3. iPod Data Recovery. Relatively speaking, the posts about this topic are lesser in amount, but the key content like how to recover iPod music have been introduced.

ipod data recovery

4. iPhone Tips. I hope you can learn more things about iPhone rather than data recovery technique, therefore, some practical skills like how to track stolen iPhone, how to fix iPhone is disable to connect with iTunes are here for you too.

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Now, what confused me is anything else do you want to know but I haven’t covered? I collected some common demands and interesting tips from the Apple or other iOS forums, I know that I must have missed some things most people want to know.

Please let me know what still you want to know about iPhone data recovery or other skills in the comment so that I can share you more good contents you need.

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How to recover iPhone Data after Stolen, Water Damaged and Broken Screen

Most iPhone users lost their data because of accidental deleted, and some iPhone users lost files for such reasons:
  • My iPhone was stolen, how do I recover my data?
  • Is it possible to recover data from an iPhone after water damage, regardless of whether the phone can turn on?
  • Is there a way to get pictures from the broken screen phone?

recover iphone data after water damaged broken stolen iphone

Those data loss situation look different, actually, the solution can be the same. In the final analysis, they all need to recover iPhone data without the device! So, can we? It is impossible to recover data from iPhone directly now, then what we can rely on is the backup file. Indeed, Apple provides two ways to backup iPhone data: iTunes and iCloud, however, both the restore processes should be on the iPhone. Now the question is how can I restore the backup files without iPhone?

Just do a Google search and you will find a lot of solutions for iPhone data recovery, for the question above, the iPhone data recovery program is able to work out. After the recovery, all the files will be saved on the computer without iPhone. And you may also found dozens of data recovery program on the internet that it is hard to choose the best one. I have done a deep research and found Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the best software for stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone file recovery which supports to extract both iTunes and iCloud backup file. Next, let’s see how it works.

What you need:
1.    Make sure you have an iTunes or iCloud backup file that contains the data you need.
2.    Download, install iPhone data recovery tool on computer and run it.

# Extract data from stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone via iTunes backup file

Step 1: Click on the “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” tab, and you can see all the backup files are backed up in this computer will be displayed, choose the target one and click “Start Scan”.

Step 2: All the data in the backup file have been scanned in a split second. Preview all the files before decide which files you need to recover.

Step 3: Select the photos, text messages, contacts or more file, then click on “Recover” button to save them on the computer.

# Recover data from stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone with iCloud backup file

First, switch to “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File” tab, and then enter iCloud account and password to log in.
After that, all the backups in iCloud will be distinguished, click on the special backup and click “Next” to download program.
When the download is finished, preview and check those data you want, and click “Recover” to save files on PC.

What if you have neither iTunes backup nor iCloud backup? I’m sorry that God is helpless. In case you may need to retrieve files from iPhone which have been stolen, water damaged or broken iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, you should backup iPhone data from now on!