Review: the Best iPad Data Recovery Software in the World

What’s the best iPad data recovery software?
With iTunes or iCloud, you can easily back up your iPad regularly so that you can get back the data from backup file after deleted or lost, and Apple offers the free tutorials for you to do so. But when you forgot to backup or it is too late to do a backup, then you need iPad data recovery software to recover files from iPad directly, so here is a question: which iPad data recovery should we choose?

Based on most iPad users’ feedback and the using experience of mine, Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery program is the most recommended! In the following I will tell you why.

ipad data recovery review

Top features of Tenorshare iPad data recovery software
*Simple interface, use it without any difficulty.
*3 recovery ways: recover data from iPad no backup, recover iPad data through iTunes backup file and restore data via iCloud backup file.
*Up to 16 types of files supports including photos, notes, contacts, text messages.
*Compatible well with iOS 8/7/6 and works for all the iPad version like iPad  Air 2, iPad  Air, iPad Mini 3/2/1, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and the iPad 1.
* Free scan and view iPad data.
*24/7 technique support and free life-time long upgrade.

*Free recover 3 items from every kind of iPad files via iTunes and iCloud, for more, you have to pay.

Don't be afraid when lost iPad data because accidentally deleted, factory restore, iOS upgrade, blue screen of death or water damaged etc. Just follow the steps below to get back lost data on iPad.

Here’s how to use iPad data recovery software
a. Download iPad data recovery tool (Windows or Mac), then install and launch program.
b. Choose recovery mode.
c. Scan iPad data.
b. Preview iPad data.
d. Select iPad file need to recover and click “Recover” button to finish it.

Tenorshare iPad data recovery software is the life saver when you lost iPad data without any backup and it is also a convenient way to extract iPad data from iTunes and iCloud backup which is very helpful when your iPad is broken or lost.

Finally, you can find more useful iOS devices (iPhone and iPod) data recovery software from any-data-recovery.com


Review: Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery Mac-The Best iTunes Backup Extractor for iPhone 6/5/4

Note: This is the review written on the CNET.I think you want to know it if you're wondering whether to buy Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery Mac or not.

iTunes Data Recovery for Mac recovers data from iTunes backups, a very attractive feature for anyone who's ever lost or damaged an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Although it's not without its flaws, this app could be a godsend for anyone who's panicked over missing photos, contacts, or other data. To get the Windows version, please click here.

tenorshare itunes data recovery review


Straightforward operation: The app first scans your computer for iTunes backup files and then displays its findings. To restore data, you need only choose a file to scan. iTunes Data Recovery for Mac will show all the data contained in the backup, including Call History, Contacts, Messages, SMS attachments, Notes, Safari history and bookmarks, Calendar data, Reminders, Voice Memos, Camera Roll, and Photos. Select the files you want, click Recover, and the app will deposit the files in your preferred location.

Intuitive interface: Even if you've never used an app like this before, it's easy to get started with iTunes Data Recovery for Mac because the interface walks you through the steps in recovering your data. Additional guidance is available on the developer's website, as well.


Performance issues: Although iTunes Data Recovery for Mac generally worked as expected, we did see the spinning pinwheel more than once while using it. At one point the app stopped responding completely, and we had to restart it, in order to continue with our recovery.

Trial limitations: The trial version of the app only lets you recover the first three items in each category, offering obfuscated previews of everything else. It's enough to prove that the app works, as a trial version should, but you're going to have to ante up to get any real use from this app.

Bottom Line

If you've lost your mobile device and are desperate to recover your data, give iTunes Data Recovery for Mac a try. If you're willing to pay the purchase price, you'll be able to access any data you have stored in an iTunes backup -- and for many users, that's priceless.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of iTunes Data Recovery for Mac

Moreover, Tenorshare also offers a higher version-iPhone data recovery which supports you to recover data from iCloud backup and even without backup.

Here are the related tutorials to recover iPhone data with Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software.


How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memo on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6

Dara asked for help on Twitter:
Downloaded iOS 8 on iPhone 6 and lost my voice memo, anyone know how to find it or get it back on an iPhone?

Don’t worry, it is possible to recover voice memo on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, and you have 5 options to do that. In this article we will show you the most effective ways!

BTW: Although Twitter is a good platform to ask for help, for the iPhone problems, I would much recommend you get help from Apple Support Communities or MacRumors Forums
There are 5 Options to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone 6, Apple provides two ways and iPhone Data Recovery software offers three ways.  Actually, we all don’t recommend the Apple solution because after the recording restore all the data in your current iPhone 6 will be wiped, thus, here we’re just discuss how to use iPhone 6 voice memos recovery software to solve your problem. 

I have shared a tip about how to recover deleted voice memos from iPhone 5S before, but for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, what we need is a professional software for the new iPhone, that’s Tenorshare iPhone 6 data recovery software.

First, you need to do some preparations:
- Download iPhone 6 data recovery for Windows or iPhone 6 data recovery Mac.
- Install and run program.

Part 1: Undelete Voice Memos on iPhone 6 Without Backup

Neither have an iTunes or iCloud backup? Then click on the phone icon on the program to enter the phone recovery mode. Connect your iPhone 6 with PC/Mac, when the connection is done, program will start to scan your iPhone.

It will take you few minutes to wait for the scan. After that, you can preview all the lost data on your iPhone 6 be listed on the program, click the “Voice Memo” list and select the files need to restore, click the “Recover” button to save them on computer.

Part 2: Extract iPhone 6 Voice Memos from iTunes Backup

NOTE: Don’t sync iPhone 6 with iTunes before get back deleted voice memos!

Here are the detailed steps:
Step 1: Switch to iTunes mode by click the iTunes icon on the tool.
Step 2: Click the backup file name to scan.
Step 3: After the scan, preview and restore files from Voice Memo catalogue.

Part 3: Restore iPhone Voice Memos via iCloud Backup

Wi-Fi is not required, and you just need to follow these to recover data from iPhone 6:

  • Click “iCloud” icon to enter iCloud mode.
  • Enter your iCloud account and password to download iCloud backup file.
  • When the download process is finished, scan and recover voice memos.
If you couldn't get more details you want to know about iPhone 6 voice memos recovery, learn more from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/iphone/recover-deleted-voice-memos-from-iphone.html


How to Retrieve Deleted, Lost Files on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

lost data on iPhone 6
Although iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just launched not long ago, some new iPhone users have encountered data loss problem. This is a problem which hard to avoid, and just like the former iPhone versions, Apple allows you to restore iPhone 6 data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup but doesn’t allows to recover iPhone 6 files without backup.

If you are always the Apple fans, you should know the iPhone backup very well that you should have backed data up before lost it. If you just switch from Android phone to iPhone 6, it is acceptable that you didn’t back data up, but you should learn how to backup iPhone 6 data.

When you've read up to here, you should very clear learn that we must able to recover data on iPhone 6 if we have a backup. However, what if without any backup, is there anything we can do?  Yes! Tenorshare has released the iPhone 6 data recovery software and iPhone 6 data recovery Mac with the highest speeds to support iPhone 6 data recovery with iTunes, iCloud backup, and NO backup!

Key Features of Tenorshare iPhone 6 Data Recovery Software:

1. Professional supports iPhone 6 data recovery as well as iPhone 6 Plus.
2. Compatible well with iOS 8, and it provides all-life free upgrade in the wake of iOS upgrade.
3. Up to 16 types file recovery, including contacts, photos, text messages, notes, WhatsApp, even Viber messages and more.
4. Simeple UI and no technique are required.
5. No need to jailbreak.


iPhone 6 data recovery software

This is how Mike Lee, Tenorshare's CEO promised: "Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the number one iOS file recovery software in the world. The pioneering technology and personalized UI design make it loved by all Apple fans. We will continuously try our best to make it better."

Actually, some part of iPhone users who have an iTunes or iCloud backup still choose Tenorshare iPhone 6 Data Recovery software but not follow the Apple instruction, because once choose the Apple tech, all the files on iPhone will be wiped after the recovery. Image, if you just lost few photos, it is a big loss to recover photos from backup while lose all the pictures, contacts, SMS on current iPhone. All the recovery files will be saved after the recovery with the help of iPhone 6 data recovery app so that you can keep all the files.


No matter how you lost data, and whether you have backed up or not, Tenorshare iPhone 6 data recovery tool is the best choice to recover data on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Features [Photos]

Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus finally, and it has become today's headlines in every media. Do you want to get all the new features of these two new iPhones quickly and clearly? Here I will use more photos as I can to show you all the features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

1. Much Bigger than any iPhone. 

iphone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus size

2. Although the size is big, but battery also has conspicuous improvement at the same time.

iPhone 6 and Plus battery

3. Thinner than before.

thickness of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

4.Reach up to 128 GB of space

iphone 6 capacity  

5. Realize Apple pay using the new NFC chip

iphone 6 nfc pay

6. 8-megapixel camera.

iPhone 6 new camera

8. Less likely to shatter with ion-strengthened glass scree.

iPhone 6 ion-strengthened glass screen

9. Up to 50X faster.

iPhone 6 speed

10. Learns your conversation style with predictive keyboard.

iphone 6 predictive keyboard

Also see How to Retrieve Deleted, Lost Files on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Gives an Exhaustive Care for Your iPhone

Tenorshare is excited to announce the new release of Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. This new product is an advanced iOS system care toolbox to help users manage files, speed-up devices, back-up and restore data, fix iOS stuck issues, unlock password, and more. It aims to tweak iOS devices to enable top performance, thus it can better serve iPhone/iPad/iPod users.

With this new release, iPhone Care Pro gives users an even greater ability to manage their iOS devices and enhances promise of privacy and security. For example, free up iPhone storage by cleaning up unwanted cache, app cookies, logs, etc.; block or remove ads or banners in app, get iPhone out of DFU mode, transfer data between computer and iOS device, etc. Additionally, unlike iTunes, users can back-up and restore iOS data in different ways.

As one of the many full-featured iOS cleaning tools from Tenorshare Co., Ltd., iPhone Care Pro combines the advantages of all iOS related programs from Tenorshare in one solution.

“This toolkit gives comprehensive solutions for all iOS issues that make it possible to become a necessary for iPhone/iPad/iPod users,” says Sarah Lee, Product Manager of iPhone Care Pro. “We are trying to provide a full-function program which can solve all iOS issues in one tool.”

Download link http://www.tenorshare.com/products/iphone-care-pro.html


Key Features of Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro:
  • Provide 2 scan modes to clean-up app cookies, crash logs, caches and junk files.
  • One-click to transfer items from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod or vice versa. Merge duplicated contacts, iTunes libraries, etc.
  • Block or remove advertisements from Pandora, YouTube, Airborne, etc., allowing users to enjoy a totally ad-free environment.
  • Easily get iPhone/iPad/iPod out of recovery mode, DFU mode, white/black Apple logo, etc.
  • Unlock iPhone lock-screen password to get access into device freely.
  • Be compatible quite well for all iOS device including iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S, iPad Air/mini2/mini/4, iPod Touch/nano/classic, etc.

Price & Availability:

Free Tenorshare iPhone Care version is available at no cost
Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is $49.95.
Feel free to download either edition from the official website.

Video Memo


How Your Data Lost on iPhone-8 Examples Tell You Why

You may want to know “Will I lose iPhone data if I …?” Yeah, you should know this, just as we say, to be on guard is better than to recover. So, in this post I will tell you which actions would cause iPhone data loss with giving examples in the real world.

1.    Deletion

Accidentally delete data from your iPhone or iPhone data was deleted by others is the common reasons lead to lose iPhone files.

lost iphone data after accidentally delete
2.    Update

Attention: the iOS 8 full version will be released next week, and iOS upgrade is usually brings data loss, no matter your want to update to iOS 8 or iOS 7. Thus, please backup iPhone data before update to iOS 8.

lost iphone data after ios update

3.    Jailbreak

Once you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, the next thing you probably want to do is to jailbreak your iPhone. Likewise, this operation is a danger to your iPhone data.
 lost iphone data after jailbreak
4.    iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode

Actually, iPhone stuck in recovery mode usually because something wrong has happened on iOS update or Jailbreak. And it is not strange to lose your files after stuck in recovery mode.

lost iphone data after stuck in recovery mode
5.    Factory Restore

There is no doubt that factory reset iPhone would due to data loss. And in this situation, you just able to restore your iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

lost iphone data after factory restore
6.    Sync

If the sync was broken off, or even sometimes everything goes well but you still lose all the data the sync.
 lost iphone data after sync

7.    iPhone is Water Damaged, Broken Screen, Dropped

Your iPhone gets water damaged, its screen is broken, or dropped uncareful, and when it can turn on again but you will find your important photos and other files are lost.

iphone damaged lost data
8.    Without Any Cause

You even didn’t know what happened, but some data in your iPhone disappeared randomly.

lost iphone data no reason

These are all the common reasons would lead to your iPhone data. Our iPhone data is so fragile that if you don’t want to lose them you should backup iPhone data frequently. And don’t panic if you have lost iPhone data without backup, here is how to recover lost data from iPhone.


About iPhone Data Recovery, What Do You Still Want to Know?

This blog has been built more than a year. At first, this blog was aimed to provide all kind of iPhone data recovery technology and iPhone tips. So far, I have written 33 posts here, and I was so happy to see most iPhone users got lost data back after following the guide of my posts.

Let’s sum up what I have written in the past:
1. iPhone Data Recovery. This is the main topic of this blog and of course most articles are about it, including how to retrieve deleted text messages iPhone, recover photos from iPhone, recover iPhone notes, calendar, contacts, WhatsApp messages and more.

iphone data recovery

2. iPad Data Recovery. The second topic of this blog, you can get how to restore photos, notes from iPad Air, Mini, 1, 2, 3, 4.

3. iPod Data Recovery. Relatively speaking, the posts about this topic are lesser in amount, but the key content like how to recover iPod music have been introduced.

ipod data recovery

4. iPhone Tips. I hope you can learn more things about iPhone rather than data recovery technique, therefore, some practical skills like how to track stolen iPhone, how to fix iPhone is disable to connect with iTunes are here for you too.

iphone tips
For the daily iPhone data recovery tips, you can follow me on Twitter.

Now, what confused me is anything else do you want to know but I haven’t covered? I collected some common demands and interesting tips from the Apple or other iOS forums, I know that I must have missed some things most people want to know.

Please let me know what still you want to know about iPhone data recovery or other skills in the comment so that I can share you more good contents you need.

Know more about data recovery http://www.any-data-recovery.com


How to recover iPhone Data after Stolen, Water Damaged and Broken Screen

Most iPhone users lost their data because of accidental deleted, and some iPhone users lost files for such reasons:
  • My iPhone was stolen, how do I recover my data?
  • Is it possible to recover data from an iPhone after water damage, regardless of whether the phone can turn on?
  • Is there a way to get pictures from the broken screen phone?

recover iphone data after water damaged broken stolen iphone

Those data loss situation look different, actually, the solution can be the same. In the final analysis, they all need to recover iPhone data without the device! So, can we? It is impossible to recover data from iPhone directly now, then what we can rely on is the backup file. Indeed, Apple provides two ways to backup iPhone data: iTunes and iCloud, however, both the restore processes should be on the iPhone. Now the question is how can I restore the backup files without iPhone?

Just do a Google search and you will find a lot of solutions for iPhone data recovery, for the question above, the iPhone data recovery program is able to work out. After the recovery, all the files will be saved on the computer without iPhone. And you may also found dozens of data recovery program on the internet that it is hard to choose the best one. I have done a deep research and found Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the best software for stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone file recovery which supports to extract both iTunes and iCloud backup file. Next, let’s see how it works.

What you need:
1.    Make sure you have an iTunes or iCloud backup file that contains the data you need.
2.    Download, install iPhone data recovery tool on computer and run it.

# Extract data from stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone via iTunes backup file

Step 1: Click on the “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” tab, and you can see all the backup files are backed up in this computer will be displayed, choose the target one and click “Start Scan”.

Step 2: All the data in the backup file have been scanned in a split second. Preview all the files before decide which files you need to recover.

Step 3: Select the photos, text messages, contacts or more file, then click on “Recover” button to save them on the computer.

# Recover data from stolen, water damaged and broken iPhone with iCloud backup file

First, switch to “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File” tab, and then enter iCloud account and password to log in.
After that, all the backups in iCloud will be distinguished, click on the special backup and click “Next” to download program.
When the download is finished, preview and check those data you want, and click “Recover” to save files on PC.

What if you have neither iTunes backup nor iCloud backup? I’m sorry that God is helpless. In case you may need to retrieve files from iPhone which have been stolen, water damaged or broken iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, you should backup iPhone data from now on!


How to Backup iPhone, iPad Data before Update iOS 8

So you couldn’t wait to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 even it just beta version and found some important data like contacts, text messages, photos, notes etc were lost? Well, backup data before upgrade iOS 8 is very important. I have drawn a lesson from iOS 7 update lost data that I would do a backup every time update iOS. 

backup iphone data before update to ios 8

iTunes backup and iCloud backup are the data backup ways almost every iOS device users should know, but both of them are not the perfect way. iTunes backup file is easy to be covered as long as you sync iPhone with iTunes, the free iCloud account just allows you to store 5GB data, and the most serious point is after the restore all your files on iOS device will be covered. Then is there any way to deal well with iPhone, iPad data backup? Yes, the good way is iAny Manager tool!

Everything about iAny Manager

Produced by: Tenorshare Company
Price: $29.95 (Please follow iAny Manager on Facebook to get the latest promotion news)
Function: Mange iPhone, iPad, iPod data including backup, restore, transfer, add, delete etc.
iOS Support: iOS 8 beta/iOS 7.1/6/5/4/3, etc.
Device Support: iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/iPad/iPod
Operating System: Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
Ease of use: no technique is required
Shortcoming: need iTunes installed

iAny Manager offers two ways to backup iPhone data before update to iOS 8.
Download and install iAny Manager on your PC, connect iPhone or iPad with PC and run program then you will get the interface as below:
iany manager

1.    Transfer iPhone Contacts, Text Messages, Photos, Note to Computer as Editable File

On the left, all the files will be listed into catalogue, mark those files you need to backup, then move the mouse to the right the upper right quadrant of program, click “Computer”, then select the saved path on your computer, and the files can be saved as .txt, .xls, .xml, vCard/VCF format. You can read and edit these data whatever you want.

2.    Backup iPhone Files to Computer like iTunes Backup File (Recommended!)

Choose the data need to backup, on the right, click “Backup” button in the list of Tools, then save the file on local computer as one backup file like iTunes backup. Click “Restore” button that you can easily to restore backup files back to iPhone, iPad after iOS 8 update.

Note: iAny Manger only supports Windows, if you are Mac users, please check out: Backup iPhone Data to Mac, or try AirDrop.


How to Recover iPhone Data without iTunes/iCloud Backup

For some people, they have no concept about iPhone data backup until lost their precious data. And for some people who know well in data backup but still sometimes it is too late for them to backup the new files. Then, is there any way to recover iPhone data without backup? The answer is YES!

recover iPhone data without backup

Note: please Don’t write more data into your iPhone after lost files, or the lost data probably be overwritten forever.

Now, let’s begin to talk about iPhone data recovery without backup. You can choose to backup data on iTunes or backup files on iCloud so that you have two ways to recover data from backup, then how many ways can we recover iPhone files without backup? For the time being, there is only one. And the only way is to use a third-party data recovery tool. You can found lots of iPhone data recovery software on the internet and some even claim it is free. I have tested 8 recovery tools and draw the conclusion that Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the best.

Key features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

  • Retrieve iPhone data without backup
  • Restore iPhone data from iTunes backup
  • Restore iPhone data from iCloud backup
  • Recover iPhone data caused by accidentally deletion, iOS update, factory reset, jailbreak etc.
  • Support all the iPhone models including iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4 and iOS 7.1

  • So here's a look at how to retrieve iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud backup step by step.

    Step 1

    Download iPhone data recovery software on your computer and install it. Mac users, click here.
    Run program, you will get the interface as below (Take Windows version for example).
     Tenorshare iPhone data recovery

    Step 2

    Choose the first recovery mode “Recover Data from iOS Device” and connect your iPhone with PC via data cable. The program will distinguish your phone in seconds and begin to scan all the files in iPhone memory. The scan time is determined by how many files in your iPhone. When the scanning is over, you can preview files before recovery.

    preview iPhone data

    Step 3

    Mark data like contacts, text messages, photos, notes, whatsapp, tango and more file you need to recover, click “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

    Although it is pretty easy to recover data without iPhone backup, someone still can’t get back all the lost data for it is hard to avoid writing more data into iPhone before data recovery. Therefore, backup iPhone data with iTunes and iCloud is much important!


    How to Restore iPhone Data from iCloud Without Reset and Save Time!

    restore iPhone data from icloud backup
    If you use iCloud to backup your iPhone files, here I have a question, do you know how many ways to restore iCloud backup? I have done a small survey around my friends and almost all of them are still follow the guide provided in Apple Support website. Well, that's understandable, if you don’t initiative to find the new way, you may miss some fantastic way.

    In this guide, I want to introduce a new way about how to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup. More precisely, this new way actually occurs for some time and received a high evaluation. It solves two major problems which troubled most people when using the Apple guide. Then, what the effective method is? This is the third recovery mode of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery- “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File”.

    What's the advantage of third recovery mode of iPhone Data Recovery?
    First, it allows you to restore iCloud backup without reset.
    Second, you can selectively restore the files you need which will save you a lot of time.
    Moreover, it supports all iOS devices like iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 and iPad, iPod Touch. Without further ado, let’s start!

    What You Need:
    A computer connected with internet. Windows and Mac are OK.
    Correct iCloud account and password.

    Quick Note: Please don’t connect your device to PC during the process.

    Here are the steps to restore iPhone from iCloud backup on computer:
    Step 1: Go to http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html download iPhone data recovery program. Mac users, click here.

    Step 2: Install program on your computer and launch it. Switch to the recovery mode “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File”. Then you can get the interface as below:

    sign in icloud account

    Step 3: Enter your Apple ID and password, and then you can see all the iCloud backups you have made display. Check the iCloud backup file need to restore file, click “Next” to start download this backup file.

    Step 4: When the download is end, this software will scan and display all the files in backup quickly. Preview lost files by click the list on the left side. Mark those data like contacts, photos, text messages, notes and more you need to recover, and click “Recover” button.

    That’s it. Recovering iPhone data from iCloud backup is pretty easy! If you have any problems or suggestions, welcome to leave comment below.


    Tenorshare Upgrades iPhone Photo Recovery to Be the World’s 1st Software Supports to Recover Lost iPhone Photos

    NEW YORK, N.Y.,  March, 18th, 2014 - Tenorshare Inc., a leading global provider of professional data recovery software, today announced that Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac improve to recover lost and deleted iPhone photos. It is the world’s 1st software that overcomes the technique obstacles to support to recover lost iPhone photos without backup. Only a few seconds, it will help you find hundreds of precious images. The scanning speed is much quicker than you can image.
    Tenorshare iPhone Photo Recovery
    More and more people are fond of taking photos with iPhone for its remarkable camera feature. But losing photos from iPhone is really painful because we have not a second chance to take the same photos. Worse still, no other iPhone data recovery software supports to recover lost photos. This is why Tenorshare improves iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost and deleted iPhone photos. No matter for what reasons photos get lost -- accidental deletion, iOS 7.1 update/jailbreak or factory reset, they can be recovered without any issues.

    The benefits you can gain from upgraded Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery:
    •Recover all photos included on your iPhone -- Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream
    •Recover App Photo like WhatsApp, Instagram, Flickr, iPhoto, iMove,Kindle etc.
    •Recover lost photos in crystal-clear quality without any damage
    •3 easy steps to recover photos in BMP format: scan – preview – recover
    •Extract photos from iTunes or iCloud backup file
    •Compatible with the latest iOS 7.1 and support iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

    “Overtaking any other competitors, Tenorshare is the first developer to allow users to recover lost photos directly from iPhone without backup. Our engineers overcame technical challenges to make iPhone photo recovery available and adopted the most advanced technology to let the recovered iPhone photos in high clarity.” Said Mike Lee, the CEO of Tenorshare.

    Besides photos, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery also recover contacts, SMS, notes, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp attachments, voice memos, reminders, call history, SMS attachments, Safari bookmarks, videos and other documents.

    More information:

    About TenorshareTenorshare is one of the world's top software companies providing iPhone utilities, data tools, system utilities, PDF tools, and video tools. Boasting the most comprehensive and innovative software, we've built a reputation for delivering efficient and easy-to-use solutions.

    Angel Harrison
    Tenorshare Co., Ltd.

    Step by step guide for how to recover iPhone photos with Tenorshare iPhone data recovery:

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    iPhone 5S deleted photos? Check out iPhone 5S data recovery


    iPhone 5C Data Recovery-The Best Way to Recover Data on iPhone 5C with/no Backup

    Lost data on iPhone 5C is a painful thing to most iPhone users, and things happened in such a flash that you have no time to make a backup. When these mishaps do occur, anything we can do with iPhone 5C data recovery?

    First of all, let’s learn how iPhone 5C data could lose:
    -Accidentally deletion- it is said the most common reason.
    -Factory restores your iPhone.
    -Your iPhone was broken, water damaged.
    -Update device to iOS 7 or downgrade to iOS 6.
    -Stuck in recovery or reboot loop.
    -iPhone was infected by virus.
    -And more reasons…

    how to recover data from iPhone 5C
    Although we know these operations could cause notes loss, it is hard to avoid it. Do not be glum, here is a good news- the lost notes can be recovered easily with the help of iPhone Data Recovery. Yet, the iPhone data recovery program cannot recover your files if you have done two things as following:
    One, write more data into your iPhone after lost data, and just the new data overwritten the file you lost.
    Two, sync iPhone with iTunes and the last iTunes backup file was covered.

    Therefore, find the solution ASAP once you found lost important data on iPhone 5C. What if you have done the two things above? Don’t give up, we cannot guarantee your lost data must be overwritten. You should also try the way below if the file means a lot to you.

    Download data recovery software for iPhone 5C to get start.
    iPhone Data Recovery for Windows      iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

    Method 1: How to Recover iPhone 5C Data from iTunes Backup

    First, make sure you have synced all your data on iTunes before lost it. After you have synced iPhone with iTunes, all the files on your iPhone will be backed up to iTunes and save as .sqlitedb file which cannot view directly or write. Then you need iPhone data recovery tool to extract data from iTunes backup files as visual files.

    Simply following these instructions:
    Step 1: Install iPhone 5C data recovery software on your computer/Mac and launch it. Click “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode and you can see all the backup files you have made in the computer you are using now. Check your iPhone backup file and click “Start Scan” to begin.
    Step 2: When the scanning is over, all the items will be presented as catalog. Preview those data before lost it.
    Step 3: Mark those files you need like photos, text messages, notes, whatsapp messages, contacts and more, then hit “Recover” button to extract them to computer.

    Method 2: How to Restore iPhone 5C Data without Backup

    For those who do not have a backup file or the backup file have been covered, please select the recovery mode “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

    In this way, you have to connect your iPhone with computer. Once connection is successful, the program will start to scan your iPhone 5C automatically, and then the last steps are the same as the step 2 and step 3 of the method 1.

    For more information about how to retrieve iPhone 5C files, please visit:

    Warm prompt: It is very important to backup your iPhone data from time to time.


    How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS Free

    recover whatsapp messages iPhone
    Is It Possible to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages iPhone? 
    “The only drawback of iPhone is no Recycle Bin as PC!” One of my friends said it to me after deleted his WhatsApp messages by mistake. Oh, yeah, it is no good. But having said that, all is not lost and there is hope.

    If you have learned that the iPhone photos, text messages, contacts etc. still can be retrieved after deleted or lost, then likewise, you should believe that WhatsApp messages which acts as file exist on iPhone can also be able to recovered even without recycle bin.

    What Caused Your iPhone WhatsApp Data Loss?
    Can’t wait to know how to get your messages back? Be patient. To avoid your data lost again, also as a reminder for the iPhone readers who without losing data and just read this article as a tip, I collected a series of cases that would cause iPhone WhatsApp data loss, let’s have a look at it first:

    Deletion: The most common situation. For the most part, it is you deleted it accidently, as well as other guys. Sometimes, your files would be deleted by iPhone for no reason.
    Factory Restore: Most of all, you have to factory reset your iPhone back to normal even you know it will erase all your data.
    iOS Update or Downgrade: The act of updating your device to iOS 7 or downgrading to iOS 6 may lead to data loss.
    Jailbreak: The minority iPhone users lost all their data because the inopportune operation on iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.
    iPhone damaged: Had your iPhone stolen, water damaged, and crash, broken.

    Let’s get into the stats then!

    Part 1: How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone from iCloud/iTunes Backup

    Apple offers two ways to backup iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch data, that’s iCloud and iTunes. If you have backed up your WhatsApp data with Apple backup, then you should know the backup knowledge more or less. Hence long story short, and let me explain how to restore WhatsApp from backup now.

    # Retrieve iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup

    You cannot backup WhatsApp files to iCloud if your WhatsApp version is lower than 2.10.1 that if you back up fails please check your WhatsApp version. Once you have successfully made backup, you can view the chat history backup file doing that: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup.

    Here is what you need to do to restore WhatsApp backup:
    1. Be sure that your chat history has been backed up in iCloud.
    2. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp.
    3. Verify your phone number
    4. Then you just need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the restore.

    # Recover iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup

    If you manage your iPhone file with iTunes, then every time you sync your iPhone, the files like WhatsApp messages, contacts, and photos are automatically updated to computer at the same time, then the first thing is stop syncing your iPhone until get your files back.

    Follow those instructions:
    * Connect iPhone with the computer of which has the backup file.
    * Run iTunes.
    * Erased or new iPhone will be prompted restore from backup.
    * Else, please under DEVICES in the left menu and control-click on your iPhone and select “Restore From Backup”.
    * Stay in the backup file contains WhatsApp messages, click “Restore”.

    Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone without Backup

    No backup or the backup file has been updated? Don’t worry. Some data recovery programs have the ability to recover lost WhatsApp messages from iPhone directly. Recently, some iPhone data recovery programs have been added the WhatsApp recovery function. However, you have to purchase this iPhone data recovery program to use, even if you needn’t to recover other files like contacts, photos, notes. 

    The good news is the famous data recovery company Tenorshare has launched a tool called “Free WhatsApp Recovery” specific for WhatsApp messages recovery, and this is the most recommended. The most important, it is totally free!
    whatsapp recovery
    No technique requires. How easy was that? Just need to follow 3 pretty simple steps below:
    SETP-1: Download WhatsApp Recovery on your computer/Mac and install it. Launch program and connect your iPhone with PC. Then your iPhone will be will detected automatically.
    SETP-2: All the WhatsApp messages and contacts will be scanned and are displayed after few seconds. Preview the files and select the messages one by one or just select all.
    SETP-3: Mark those chat history you want and click “Export” button to save them to your computer.

    Moreover, WhatsApp Recovery also be helpful for those even though do not have the need of recovery. It is a recovery tool as well as backup tool which help you to back up WhatsApp files to local computer!


    How to Get Back Data on iPhone After Factory Restore

    Above all, let see two questions about iPhone data after restore:
    Q 1: Will I lose all my data if I restore my iPhone?
    Q 2: How do I recover lost data from iPhone after accidental restore?

    Obviously, question 2 has answered the question 1. Yeah, restoring your iPhone will delete everything on it. Therefore, you should backup data before reset your iPhone so that you can easily to restore iPhone from backup. What if you didn’t know the fact that all the data will lose after reset until you restore your iPhone? Loose, loose! This article will tell you how to get back data on iPhone after restore.
    recover iphone data after factory reset
    As you may know, there are three ways to recover iPhone data on any case:
    -Restore iPhone data on iCloud;
    -Restore iPhone data from iTunes backup;
    -Recover data without iPhone backup
    iCloud and iTunes are two ways for iPhone backup provided by Apple, so the first and the second way can be found from support.apple.com. However, Apple cannot help you with the third way. In the following, what you will learn is how to recover iPhone data after factory reset without backup.

    iPhone Data Recovery program is the only approach you can adopt to recover data from iPhone directly. I have tested several programs and draw a conclusion that Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html is the best one.

    Features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery:
    *Compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, all Windows OS/Mac and support iOS 7.
    * Able to recover 12 types of files on iPhone.
    * Both can recover iPhone data without backup and restore data from iTunes backup.
    *Preview iPhone data before recovery and restore files selectively.
    * Retrieve iPhone data caused by factory restore, deleted, iOS 7 update/jailbreak etc.

    screenshot of iphone data recovery

    Here's what you need to recover iPhone data after restore with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery tool.

    SETP 1:
    Download program on your computer and install it. Run program and connect your iPhone with computer via data cable. You will get the messages as “Your device is connecting, please wait…” once connect iPhone with PC, and when the detection is done, click “Start Scan” to scan lost files.

    SETP 2:
    After the scan, all the data lost from your iPhone will be present as separate groups like Call History, Contacts, Messages and more. Choose the catalog to preview the lost files.

    SETP 3:
    Mark those files you want to get back from restore and save them to your computer by simply clicking “Recover” button.

    This is the whole process to retrieve iPhone data after restore, how easy was that?