iPhone 6 Plus and other iOS 8 devices deleted photos recovery

It is easy for iPhone 6 Plus and other iOS 8 devices users to recover deleted photos, because there is a recycle bin feature in iOS 8 gallery app. As long as you haven't clean deleted photos in recycle bin folder, you just click "restore" to get them back to galley.

However,deleted photos have been removed?

Sometimes, it is not so smoothly to recover deleted photos from iPhone 6 Plus and other iOS 8 devices. Deleted photos in recycle bin just will be kept for 30 days; system will clean them automatically when time is out. Besides, some other management program for iOS device may removed deleted photos when you use clean phone option.
Except for accidentally deletion, you may lost photos from your iPhone 6 Plus or other iOS devices caused by the following reasons:

1. iOS upgrade failure
2. iPhone jailbreak
3. iPhone has been stolen
4. iPhone has been broken
5. Factory setting restoration

Unless you have backup, as long as your deleted photos haven't been in the recycle bin, you can't get back them easily.

Ways for iPhone 6 Plus or other iOS 8 device deleted photos recovery

To get back iPhone deleted photos, generally, we have two types of ways.

Way 1: we can rely on iTunes backup 
When we use iTunes backup to restore lost iPhone data, we can directly restore in iTunes program by official operation. This way will totally restore whole system for your iPhone with previous stage that was backed up.

Another ways to restore iTunes backup is the 3rd-party professional iPhone data recovery program. This kind of recovery program can read iTunes backup file and extract specific data in backup files.

iphone 6 plus deleted photos recovery

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is one of them which are the most powerful. It can help you restore lost iPhone 6 Plus data via iTunes backup. However, it is different from official restoration. With this program, you can view the specific files that have backed up before, it means, you can just get back what you want instead of restoring the whole system. It is more convenient.  

Way 2: you can try to directly do recovery from iPhone without backup

Honestly, the most excited feature of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery not only is helping user to restore data from iTunes backup, but also can directly do iPhone 6 Plus deleted data recovery without backup.

This feature is the main point of iPhone data recovery program. With the help of this feature, you can easily get back deleted, lost photos, contacts, text messages, videos, WhatsApp messages, voice memo, etc from iPhone 6/6 Plus/ iPhone 5S or other iOS devices.

"Connect-Scan-Recover", only 3 step can help you retrieve iPhone 6 Plus or other iOS 8 device deleted photos
Hey,have you known how to get back your deleted photos from iPhone 6 Plus? I hope my sharing can help you!

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