How to fix blue screen of death iPhone 6

Hey, have you met the situation that iPhone was stuck in an infinite bootloop with intermittent blue screens (of death?), even the buttons are useless to make the phone work. This kind of problem have happen to many users ramdomly. It is caused by a software problem in iOS.
To fix bule screen of death iPhone 6, some ways can reliable.

Solution 1: Check all apps in your iPhone 6

In some case, some apps may conflict with the iOS. So, you can try to check whether some apps are not identified by App store, or update them to the lastest versions which may been fixed the bug of confiliction. However, if you find that blue screen of death was happen when you launch an app, and update or reinstallation can't solve this problem, you can uninstall the app.

Solution 2: Try to update your iPhone 6 to lastest iOS

Based on the data, this blue screen problem mostly happen in relative old version. So  it is better to update your iPhone 6 system to the lastest version such as iOS 8 or iOS 9.

Solution 3: Shut down iCloud sycn in your device

Some users have report that, when they enale iCloud sycn in settings, blue screen will happen. Especially, when the syncing for notes, contacts, Safari,are working, you press Home button, blue screen may happen in this moment. Apple seems that don't explain why this issue happen. And when those users shut down iCloud sync feature after reboot, this kind of problem never happen again.

fix iphone blue screen
 Solution 4: Reset your iPhone with iTunes

If you can't operate anything on your iPhone to slove iPhone 6 blue screen problem, I am afraid that you need to try to do a factory resetting with iTunes. Of course, you can uset iTunes to back up your phone data firstly before resetting, then after fixing iPhone 6 blue srceen problem via resetting, you can get back you phone data.  

Solution 5 : Use FREE Reiboot to exit blue screen stage

With Reiboot, you can easily enter and exit iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Recovery Mode without manually holding down any of the buttons. Just one-Click ! It can keep your iOS devices data safely enter into Recovery Mode and then get out of Recovery Mode even when iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch encountered reboot failure, such as getting stuck with Apple logo, black screen, iTunes logo/cable, or an endless loop of rebooting.This way is  a good way to help your iPhone 6 exit death blue screen .

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