How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS Free

recover whatsapp messages iPhone
Is It Possible to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages iPhone? 
“The only drawback of iPhone is no Recycle Bin as PC!” One of my friends said it to me after deleted his WhatsApp messages by mistake. Oh, yeah, it is no good. But having said that, all is not lost and there is hope.

If you have learned that the iPhone photos, text messages, contacts etc. still can be retrieved after deleted or lost, then likewise, you should believe that WhatsApp messages which acts as file exist on iPhone can also be able to recovered even without recycle bin.

What Caused Your iPhone WhatsApp Data Loss?
Can’t wait to know how to get your messages back? Be patient. To avoid your data lost again, also as a reminder for the iPhone readers who without losing data and just read this article as a tip, I collected a series of cases that would cause iPhone WhatsApp data loss, let’s have a look at it first:

Deletion: The most common situation. For the most part, it is you deleted it accidently, as well as other guys. Sometimes, your files would be deleted by iPhone for no reason.
Factory Restore: Most of all, you have to factory reset your iPhone back to normal even you know it will erase all your data.
iOS Update or Downgrade: The act of updating your device to iOS 7 or downgrading to iOS 6 may lead to data loss.
Jailbreak: The minority iPhone users lost all their data because the inopportune operation on iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.
iPhone damaged: Had your iPhone stolen, water damaged, and crash, broken.

Let’s get into the stats then!

Part 1: How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone from iCloud/iTunes Backup

Apple offers two ways to backup iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch data, that’s iCloud and iTunes. If you have backed up your WhatsApp data with Apple backup, then you should know the backup knowledge more or less. Hence long story short, and let me explain how to restore WhatsApp from backup now.

# Retrieve iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup

You cannot backup WhatsApp files to iCloud if your WhatsApp version is lower than 2.10.1 that if you back up fails please check your WhatsApp version. Once you have successfully made backup, you can view the chat history backup file doing that: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup.

Here is what you need to do to restore WhatsApp backup:
1. Be sure that your chat history has been backed up in iCloud.
2. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp.
3. Verify your phone number
4. Then you just need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the restore.

# Recover iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup

If you manage your iPhone file with iTunes, then every time you sync your iPhone, the files like WhatsApp messages, contacts, and photos are automatically updated to computer at the same time, then the first thing is stop syncing your iPhone until get your files back.

Follow those instructions:
* Connect iPhone with the computer of which has the backup file.
* Run iTunes.
* Erased or new iPhone will be prompted restore from backup.
* Else, please under DEVICES in the left menu and control-click on your iPhone and select “Restore From Backup”.
* Stay in the backup file contains WhatsApp messages, click “Restore”.

Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone without Backup

No backup or the backup file has been updated? Don’t worry. Some data recovery programs have the ability to recover lost WhatsApp messages from iPhone directly. Recently, some iPhone data recovery programs have been added the WhatsApp recovery function. However, you have to purchase this iPhone data recovery program to use, even if you needn’t to recover other files like contacts, photos, notes. 

The good news is the famous data recovery company Tenorshare has launched a tool called “Free WhatsApp Recovery” specific for WhatsApp messages recovery, and this is the most recommended. The most important, it is totally free!
whatsapp recovery
No technique requires. How easy was that? Just need to follow 3 pretty simple steps below:
SETP-1: Download WhatsApp Recovery on your computer/Mac and install it. Launch program and connect your iPhone with PC. Then your iPhone will be will detected automatically.
SETP-2: All the WhatsApp messages and contacts will be scanned and are displayed after few seconds. Preview the files and select the messages one by one or just select all.
SETP-3: Mark those chat history you want and click “Export” button to save them to your computer.

Moreover, WhatsApp Recovery also be helpful for those even though do not have the need of recovery. It is a recovery tool as well as backup tool which help you to back up WhatsApp files to local computer!


How to Get Back Data on iPhone After Factory Restore

Above all, let see two questions about iPhone data after restore:
Q 1: Will I lose all my data if I restore my iPhone?
Q 2: How do I recover lost data from iPhone after accidental restore?

Obviously, question 2 has answered the question 1. Yeah, restoring your iPhone will delete everything on it. Therefore, you should backup data before reset your iPhone so that you can easily to restore iPhone from backup. What if you didn’t know the fact that all the data will lose after reset until you restore your iPhone? Loose, loose! This article will tell you how to get back data on iPhone after restore.
recover iphone data after factory reset
As you may know, there are three ways to recover iPhone data on any case:
-Restore iPhone data on iCloud;
-Restore iPhone data from iTunes backup;
-Recover data without iPhone backup
iCloud and iTunes are two ways for iPhone backup provided by Apple, so the first and the second way can be found from support.apple.com. However, Apple cannot help you with the third way. In the following, what you will learn is how to recover iPhone data after factory reset without backup.

iPhone Data Recovery program is the only approach you can adopt to recover data from iPhone directly. I have tested several programs and draw a conclusion that Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html is the best one.

Features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery:
*Compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, all Windows OS/Mac and support iOS 7.
* Able to recover 12 types of files on iPhone.
* Both can recover iPhone data without backup and restore data from iTunes backup.
*Preview iPhone data before recovery and restore files selectively.
* Retrieve iPhone data caused by factory restore, deleted, iOS 7 update/jailbreak etc.

screenshot of iphone data recovery

Here's what you need to recover iPhone data after restore with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery tool.

Download program on your computer and install it. Run program and connect your iPhone with computer via data cable. You will get the messages as “Your device is connecting, please wait…” once connect iPhone with PC, and when the detection is done, click “Start Scan” to scan lost files.

After the scan, all the data lost from your iPhone will be present as separate groups like Call History, Contacts, Messages and more. Choose the catalog to preview the lost files.

Mark those files you want to get back from restore and save them to your computer by simply clicking “Recover” button.

This is the whole process to retrieve iPhone data after restore, how easy was that?