How You Can Recover Deleted Video from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

recover iPhone video
No doubt that video plays an important role in iPhone entertainment. Watching video and recording great moment of life whenever and wherever possible make videos more and more popular on iPhone. At the same time, more and more people find how to recover video on iPhone on the internet, for some of them deleted it accidently, lost video after upgrade iOS, or had iPhone stolen etc.

So, can you recover deleted videos on iPhone after lost or deleted? I believe people who are reading this article are sure that there must be a way to fix iPhone video recovery problem. Oh, yeah, this is a problem can be solved. Learn how to get back a deleted video on iPhone caused by any reasons from the iPhone data recovery solutions for the 2 recourses.

Recourse 1: how to get back a deleted video on iPhone backup?

Yesterday is my girl friend’s birthday, I recorded a video for the celebration, and accidentally deleted it. I created a backup with iTunes before deleted it. Is it possible for me to get that video back?

Things become simpler as long as you have backup iPhone with iTunes before lost files. Every time you synced your iPhone with iTunes, the new files in your iPhone also will be updated to the backup files. iPhone Data Recovery program specially designed to help you recover lost or deleted files as videos, photos, contacts, text messages and more data from iTunes backup files. Get iPhone Data Recovery program from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html and follow 3 simple steps in the following to recover iPhone deleted videos.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Recovery program after installing it on your computer. You can see two recovery modes on the program interface, select “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” as recovery mode. This tool will display all the backup files on your computer, select the backup file you lost video, and click “Start Scan”.

Step 2: The scanning process just spend your few seconds and you will get into the preview windows. All the files in the iTunes backup will be listed, and you can check the “Videos” catalogue on the left to view the lost videos.

Step 3: Check the video need to restore, click “Recover”, then choose a save path and tap “Save” to restore iPhone data from backup.

However, not all the people sync their iPhone with iTunes from time to time, or it is too late to back up. The recourse 2 is about how to recover deleted videos from iPhone without backup.

iPhone video recovery

Recourse 2: how do you recover deleted videos from iPhone(no backup)?

After I watched several videos and I just like one of them that I went and deleted the videos I didn’t like but how silly I am, I deleted all of them by mistake, including the one I need. I am wondering if there is way or any software that can recover my video. I'm running on iOS 6.1.4 and it is an iPhone 5, and haven’t backup with iCloud or iTunes. Thanks in advance!

One year ago, we have only recover iPhone data from backup. Nowadays, with the development of technology, recovering iPhone data without backup has come true. Check the details to recover iPhone video without backup.

Firstly, download and launch iPhone Data Recovery tool, connect iPhone with computer via data wire. Take “Recover Data from iOS Device” as recovery mode.

Secondly, get iPhone into DFU mode. iPhone 4S and higher version needn’t to enter DFU mode, just click “Start Scan” to scan for lost files.
1)    Click "Start" and then press "Home" and "Power" button on your iPhone at the same time.
2)     Hold both of them for about 10 seconds (the program counts it for you).
3)    Release "Power" and keep pressing "Home" for another 10 seconds.
After you are informed you have enter DFU mode successfully, the program begin to scan iPhone.

The last step, preview iPhone data after the scanning completed. Select lost video one by one, or click “All” to select all the videos, and then click “Recover”. You are done!

Confused by how to retrieve deleted videos from iPhone? What are you waiting for? Go check it out!


How to get iOS 7 on iPhone 5, 4S, 4

All-new design! All-new features! Though you think the iOS 6 works very well on your iPhone, you still tend to update to iOS 7 for you have heard so many difference between iOS 6 and iOS 7. It is understandable that most people love the new things. However, you just can try iOS 7 beta versions now, and it is said that the full iOS 7 probably come before the year ends. If you still want to have a try, you can follow below guide to learn how to get iOS 7 on your iPhone.

ios 7

What Device can update to iOS 7?

If you are iPhone 3gs and lower version users want to update your iPhone to iOS 7, well, you have to upgrade your iPhone first. For iPad users, just sit tight way. iOS 7 just available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Note before get iOS 7 on your iPhone

Apple hasn’t provide any way to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 7 to iOS 6, that’s mean there is no reliable way for you if you don’t like the iOS 7. And iOS 7 is still in beta so it'll most likely be very buggy. So please take well consideration before updating iOS.

Ways to get iOS 7 on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4

1.    Only registered developers can get the free iOS 7 beta from Apple.  Of course, people find free iOS 7 on the internet most are impossible to be apple developer. However, if your brother or you have a friend who is developer, you can get them to add your device to their account.
2.    However, you don't conform to the 2 conditions above, but you really want to go for it, just spend some money and enroll in the iOS developer program here. You must download from the developer’s account.


I know I'm a little wordy, but if you haven’t update to iOS 7, it is wise to stop! You know what beta version means. It means this software still not perfect, some bugs still exist, so right now it is in the process of debugging to make it smooth.

Moreover, I have found that some people search how to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6 on the internet until now. The full version will not make us wait too long, better to enjoy iOS 6 now and wait for full iOS 7 in patience.

PS: What if lost iPhone data after get iOS 7 on iPhone, how can i retrieve lost data after iOS 7 upgrade? 
Don't worry, here are a bunch of solutions for you:
1. How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone
2. How to restore photos from iPhone
3. How to recover lost contacts after iOS 7 update


iOS 7 VS iOS 6: Should You Upgrade to iOS 7?

Several days passed since iOS 7 released.  Have you ever experienced the surprise brings by iOS 7? What delightful surprises had you found in this new system? Actually, not all the new things could get the high opinion. In the following I will compare iOS 7 and iOS 6 in few points to see if we should upgrade our iPhone, iPad to iOS 7.

Icon Comparison
Looks like an AMOLED display, the icons in iOS 7 are very colorful. Based on the investigation on the people who have using iOS 7, most of them enjoy the new design although it need some time to get used to.
Here’s the part of infographic.  

Icon Comparison

Common Apps Comparison
This is an era of advocating simple, and you can see this change on iOS 7 apps. Simplification, refinement, and modernization but not lose the usefulness. Take Multitasking for example, it has been a drastic change from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Common Apps Comparison

Home Comparison
The Home Screen is not satisfied to most people, no matter for a simple blurred bar at the bottom of the screen or lack of shadows under icons and text. All these mainly caused by the default wallpaper.
Home Comparison

All the comparisons above are mostly to be some apparent viewpoints. Only you use this by yourself, can you feel the real difference. Well, about whether we should update our iOS device to iOS 7, in my opinion, no matter the iOS 7 is better than iOS 6 or nothing difference between them, after obtaining the information above and you are interested in iOS 7, why not have a try?

Here are some reviews from iOS 7 users may help you make a final decision.

Tyler Allen said:
Apple is not stealing from Android! They are Stealing from the jailbreak community! Every new “feature” on iOS7 is really a “tweak” for iOS 6 from jail breakers! True apple did put a apple spin on it, but it’s taken from the jailbreak scene.
Jeremy Young said:
Honestly, I prefer some of the iOS7 icons and some of the previous generations. I am not super crazy about a lot of the decorative aspects of iOS7 but a lot of the features look promising. I will know how promising they actually are soon enough, I suppose.

Per-Ola Selander said:
iOS 6 hands down - as contrast is needed over "art" and "translucency" Some things just do not need to be changed...

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