iPhone 5C Data Recovery-The Best Way to Recover Data on iPhone 5C with/no Backup

Lost data on iPhone 5C is a painful thing to most iPhone users, and things happened in such a flash that you have no time to make a backup. When these mishaps do occur, anything we can do with iPhone 5C data recovery?

First of all, let’s learn how iPhone 5C data could lose:
-Accidentally deletion- it is said the most common reason.
-Factory restores your iPhone.
-Your iPhone was broken, water damaged.
-Update device to iOS 7 or downgrade to iOS 6.
-Stuck in recovery or reboot loop.
-iPhone was infected by virus.
-And more reasons…

how to recover data from iPhone 5C
Although we know these operations could cause notes loss, it is hard to avoid it. Do not be glum, here is a good news- the lost notes can be recovered easily with the help of iPhone Data Recovery. Yet, the iPhone data recovery program cannot recover your files if you have done two things as following:
One, write more data into your iPhone after lost data, and just the new data overwritten the file you lost.
Two, sync iPhone with iTunes and the last iTunes backup file was covered.

Therefore, find the solution ASAP once you found lost important data on iPhone 5C. What if you have done the two things above? Don’t give up, we cannot guarantee your lost data must be overwritten. You should also try the way below if the file means a lot to you.

Download data recovery software for iPhone 5C to get start.
iPhone Data Recovery for Windows      iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

Method 1: How to Recover iPhone 5C Data from iTunes Backup

First, make sure you have synced all your data on iTunes before lost it. After you have synced iPhone with iTunes, all the files on your iPhone will be backed up to iTunes and save as .sqlitedb file which cannot view directly or write. Then you need iPhone data recovery tool to extract data from iTunes backup files as visual files.

Simply following these instructions:
Step 1: Install iPhone 5C data recovery software on your computer/Mac and launch it. Click “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode and you can see all the backup files you have made in the computer you are using now. Check your iPhone backup file and click “Start Scan” to begin.
Step 2: When the scanning is over, all the items will be presented as catalog. Preview those data before lost it.
Step 3: Mark those files you need like photos, text messages, notes, whatsapp messages, contacts and more, then hit “Recover” button to extract them to computer.

Method 2: How to Restore iPhone 5C Data without Backup

For those who do not have a backup file or the backup file have been covered, please select the recovery mode “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

In this way, you have to connect your iPhone with computer. Once connection is successful, the program will start to scan your iPhone 5C automatically, and then the last steps are the same as the step 2 and step 3 of the method 1.

For more information about how to retrieve iPhone 5C files, please visit:

Warm prompt: It is very important to backup your iPhone data from time to time.

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