How to Get Back Data on iPhone After Factory Restore

Above all, let see two questions about iPhone data after restore:
Q 1: Will I lose all my data if I restore my iPhone?
Q 2: How do I recover lost data from iPhone after accidental restore?

Obviously, question 2 has answered the question 1. Yeah, restoring your iPhone will delete everything on it. Therefore, you should backup data before reset your iPhone so that you can easily to restore iPhone from backup. What if you didn’t know the fact that all the data will lose after reset until you restore your iPhone? Loose, loose! This article will tell you how to get back data on iPhone after restore.
recover iphone data after factory reset
As you may know, there are three ways to recover iPhone data on any case:
-Restore iPhone data on iCloud;
-Restore iPhone data from iTunes backup;
-Recover data without iPhone backup
iCloud and iTunes are two ways for iPhone backup provided by Apple, so the first and the second way can be found from support.apple.com. However, Apple cannot help you with the third way. In the following, what you will learn is how to recover iPhone data after factory reset without backup.

iPhone Data Recovery program is the only approach you can adopt to recover data from iPhone directly. I have tested several programs and draw a conclusion that Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html is the best one.

Features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery:
*Compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, all Windows OS/Mac and support iOS 7.
* Able to recover 12 types of files on iPhone.
* Both can recover iPhone data without backup and restore data from iTunes backup.
*Preview iPhone data before recovery and restore files selectively.
* Retrieve iPhone data caused by factory restore, deleted, iOS 7 update/jailbreak etc.

screenshot of iphone data recovery

Here's what you need to recover iPhone data after restore with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery tool.

Download program on your computer and install it. Run program and connect your iPhone with computer via data cable. You will get the messages as “Your device is connecting, please wait…” once connect iPhone with PC, and when the detection is done, click “Start Scan” to scan lost files.

After the scan, all the data lost from your iPhone will be present as separate groups like Call History, Contacts, Messages and more. Choose the catalog to preview the lost files.

Mark those files you want to get back from restore and save them to your computer by simply clicking “Recover” button.

This is the whole process to retrieve iPhone data after restore, how easy was that?


  1. Really useful blog for me. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Anonymous16/1/14 08:12

    What can I do to recover my data (photos) if these ipad data recovery tools don't see to work?
    What happened is I had to factory reset (using itunes I had to download) my ipad1 after it froze due to an update. I NEVER backuped with cloud or itunes.
    I tried the software you're talking about but it only finds 5 bookmarks. Cannot see data prior to reset.

  3. Anonymous27/5/14 23:05

    I had the same issue. None of the recovery programs found the data prior to reset.

  4. Anonymous13/6/14 12:02

    anyone has any solution?