How to Fix iPhone 7 Keeps Saying Searching for Service

In nowadays, we are used to get answers on Internet, no matter what questions confused us. So if the trouble to you is about iPhone 7 keeps saying searching for service, how can you fix it? Below we can get answers.

The reason for iPhone 7 keeps saying searching service

There are many factors that can trigger errors like "No Service" and "Searching" network to occur on your iPhone.

In most cases, the problem is tied to a faulty SIM card while others are due to some network outages, particularly cellular network. Others have also encountered the same error prompt after performing a software update. Software updates can contain some bugs that may affect device functionalities including its ability to search for cellular signals.

Since downgrading is typically discouraged by most carriers and Apple itself, users may just have to wait for the next firmware update containing fixes. But if you can't take waiting for the next software update rollout as an option, then you may resort to any workarounds available in order to obtain temporary remedy.

Important Notes:
Before you begin, make sure cellular network is available in your area.
If your iPhone can't connect to cellular network, go to your iPhone settings and then check if Cellular is enabled or turned on.

The solution to fix iPhone 7 keeps saying searching service

Step 1: Reboot your iPhone 7. Many issues associated with the firmware can be rectified by a simple reboot on the device.
Step 2: Remove and re-insert the SIM card. As I mentioned above, many cases of iPhone showing No Service or Searching for network prompt are associated with incorrect SIM card installation, and worst, a damaged SIM card.

Step 3: Remove any third-party accessories like casing or covers from your iPhone 7. Then disable Airplane Mode. To ensure the Airplane mode is not turned on.
Step 4: Reset network settings. Resetting your network settings will likewise reset network information including your Wi-Fi network and passwords, cellular settings, as well as VPN and APN settings you've used.

Step 5: Check time and date settings on your iPhone 7. Others have also found that No Service or Searching network error prompt is due to an incorrect time and date settings on their iPhone.
Step 6: Perform the drop test or banging trick. This trick involves dropping your iPhone at some height.

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In the end, have your acquired how to fix iPhone keeps saying searching service in safest way? If not, you can try to read again. Welcome to leave any trouble on our website comment section.

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