How to Fix iPhone 6s Not Detected by iTunes Windows 10

In the case of iPhone 6s not detected by iTunes Windows 10, how to we backup the data on iPhone? This is a much complex situation to a part of Windows 10 users. Below we can get answers about how to fix that trouble.

How to fix iTunes does not recognize iPhone 6s

Step 1: To check whether the latest version of iTunes. Opening the help, click Check for updates.
Step 2: Check your data lines at both ends is not plugged in or if there is damage, if you have another data lines, try to replace a data cable testing.

Step 3: Check your computer is connected to the USB port there is no problem, if the iPhone 6s still does not appear in iTunes, try using a different USB port.
Step 4: To see what other software is configured properly. Verify installation Apple Mobile Device Support. Open the computer's control panel, click "Uninstall a program" to see Apple Mobile Device Support appears in the list of currently installed programs.

Step 5: Internal diagnostics running iTunes. Opening the help, click diagnosis, uninstall iTunes, re-install, or use other third-party software.

How to fix Windows version of iTunes does not recognize iPhone 6s

Restart iPhone
Step 1: To restart the iPhone 6s, please press and hold the "Sleep / Wake" button until the red slider to turn off iPhone.
Step 2: Slide your finger slide later iPhone shuts down. Next, press and hold the "Sleep / Wake" button until the Apple logo appears to turn iPhone.

NOTE: After restarting your phone, it is recommended to reboot the computer also.
iPhone is not responding? To force restart iPhone, hold down the "Sleep / Wake" button and the "Home button" at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. If the device does not turn on or displays a red battery icon, try recharging.

Re-charge iPhone
Option 1: If iPhone is extremely low power or battery is completely discharged, or use the AC adapter to connect it to a high-power USB ( USB on your computer) to charge.
Option 2: If the iPhone's battery is very low, the display may be blank for up to two minutes before displaying a low battery image. If iPhone displays a low battery image, it may need to be charged for at least 20 minutes to start. You can press the Home button to view the current state of charge.

If the trouble to you is to reset iTunes backup password, you can learn to use the professional iPhone Backup Unlocker to help you. In only 3 steps, you can reset the password quickly.

After reading the whole post, you can decide which methods is best for you to fix iPhone 6s not detected by iTunes Windows 10. If you have any trouble, leave a comment on our site.

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