iOS 9.3 Lost Contact List, How to Fix the Issue

If you need to extract contacts from iTunes to new iPhone 6S/6s plus like the following question, this article will be a nice solution:
"I need help. How can I import contact list from my iTunes backup to iPhone 6s after iOS 9.3 update? I don't want to restore the whole iTunes backup data to iPhone 6s, for I have some other important data on my iPhone 6s. So how can I import only contacts from iTunes backup to my iPhone 6s? Thanks.”

iTunes backup is unreadable on computer. so you need an iPhone Data Recovery program which can extract your iTunes backups on PC/Mac. In that case, you will need a tool such as Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery. It is a top-ranked iPhone Data Recovery tool, which can extract the iTunes backup on your Mac and get contacts out of it. Actually, it allows you to preview and selectively recover whatever you want from iTunes backup. You can finish the process in only 2 steps: scan and recover. Read its review to learn more. Here in this article, you will see what to do when iOS 9.3 lost contact list unfortunately.

Option 1: Selectively extract contacts from iTunes backup to iPhone 6S after iOS 9.3 Update

Step 1:Run the program and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup Files". Then choose the backup file to scan it.
Step 2: Once the scan process ends, all the data will be listed on the above according to the data categories.
Step 3: You can tick the “Contacts” and hit “Recover” to save them on Windows/Mac.
Finally, once you have selective backup the contacts from iTunes to Mac, you can transfer them to iPhone 6S after iOS 9.3 update.

Option 2: Effectively restore contacts from iPhone 6s after iOS 9.3 Update
Step 1: After download, install and launch the best iPhone 6s plus/6S data recovery on your computer. Connect your iPhone 6s plus/6s to computer via the provided USB cable and allow the application to automatically detect your device. If your device is not detected, make sure your USB cable is functioning accordingly and is properly inserted in the ports. Select “Recover from iOS device”, then you’ll see an interface which informs you that your device is connected. Click “Start Scan” to continue.
Step 2. Go to Computer and find the flash drive. Open it and contents on SD card show up in front of you.
Step 3. After the scan is complete, the application window will show you a list of both existing and lost data in your iPhone 6s plus/6s. There stays an option to only display deleted items in the application. You can also search for lost data by mentioning its name in the search bar provided.
Step 4. Place a check mark alongside the data you require and then click the “Recover” button allowing the data to be saved by default on your computer. For data involving iMessages, notes or contacts, there will be an option popping up asking whether to save the data on your pc or directly in your device.

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