How to Recover Deleted Photos From an iPhone 6 After iOS 9.1 Update

As an iPhone 6 user, will you often encounter the following situation? Your iPhone 6 pictures lost after Ios upgrade? Most people said they did. So, more and more people begin to focus on the iPhone data recovery software now. But, do you know how to use the iPhone data recovery software. In this article, I will introduce you 3 best ways to recover deleted photos from an iPhone 6 after iOS 9.1 update with iPhone data recovery software on win.

Way 1 Recover iPhone Photos Directly from iPhone 6

If you have not backup your photos with your iTunes or iCloud, you can get back deleted photos on iPhone directly.

1. After free download the iPhone data recovery on win ! Connect your iPhone 6 to computer 
2. Choose "Recover Data from iOS Device", and then click "Start Scan". 
3. After scanning, preview all your photos and select what you want to 
recover and click on "Recover".

Way 2 Undelete Deleted iPhone 6 Photos from iTunes Backup

If you have backed up your iPhone 6 photos with iTunes on your computer, great! You can undelete iPhone photos from iTunes Backup.

1. Launch the software and choose "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File". 
2. Choose a backup file and click on "Start Scan".
3. After scanning, preview all your photos and select what you want to recover and click on "Recover".

Way 3 Retrieve Deleted iPhone 6 Photos from iCloud Backup

If you have an iCloud account and have backed up files in iCloud before, you can retrieve deleted iPhone photos from iCloud Backup.

1."Recover Data from iCloud Backup" and log into your iCloud account.
2. Scan your iCloud backup.
3. Preview all iPhone photos and choose the one you want. Click "Recover".

Now, your lost iPhone 6 images must be come back! By the way, if you want to recover lost photos from iPhone 6 on Mac, you can click here!

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