How to Turn Off to Find My iPhone iOS 8

In the case that you use iOS 8 and lost iPhone accidently. How to trun off to find my iPhone iOS 8 in safest and quickest way? There is a detail guide to teach us more about Find my iPhone and how to turn off to find my iPhone iOS 8.

Easy guide to learn how turn off to find my iPhone iOS 8

Many Apple users for iCloud how close the find my iPhone does not very understand, it's really quite simple, iOS8 close the find my iPhone, just a simple three-step fix, the following close method is specific.
Step1: The iPhone interface clicks on the settings button, and then locate and click here to enter "iCloud" setting.

Step2: Access iCloud settings, we found at the bottom of the "find my iPhone" settings option and click on enter.
Step3: And then "find my iPhone" behind "the Green switch" off into dust represents turn off.

Step4: Turn off the find my iPhone usually need an Apple ID password, we enter the correct password, and then click on the bottom of the "closed" can be done.

What is the Find my iPhone

Find My iPhone is Apple iPhone launched unexpectedly lost uses a feature in the iPhone, although thieves don't expect to rely on the back, but if it is a mobile phone in the taxi or dropped it somewhere is useful, this feature is suggest to open for a long time, just in case.

How to turn on Find My iPhone

Step1: Open the settings-> iCloud.
Step2: If you are not logged in before, your Apple ID login if landed on, you can directly open the find my iPhone.

How to use Find My iPhone

Step1: Open iCloud official website, in pop-up of landing interface in the entered and iPhone Shang landing iCloud consistent of Apple ID.
Step2: Landing finished, select find my iPhone.
Step3: If speed of Internet is fast enough, it will show your iPhone location in map in quickest way.

Step4: If iPhone has lost, then on canon you of iPhone for some operation, including play ringtones, and lock and wipe off iPhone.
Note: If the iPhone is not locking, any person who finds your iPhone will be able to turn off the Find My iPhone feature in the settings, so the iPhone must be unlocked.

After reading that, have you learn more about Find My iPhone and how to turn off to find my iPhone iOS 8 in easy way? If you did not get that information in details, you can read again. Good luck to you.

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