How to Reset iPad Mini to Factory Settings When Screen is Black

When you iPad mini in the case of black screen, how can you reset your devices to factory settings. I think much iPad users are don’t know how to reset iPad mini to factory settings when screen is black, including me. So we can get answers as below.

The easiest way is to press and hold the home button and power button from under strong. But it is not useful to any iPad mini. So it is not the best answer.

How to deal with black iPad mini restore factory settings later

For that case, you can try entering DFU mode to restore as below.
Step1: Will your iPad off (home and power button simultaneously press 10 seconds to force shutdown, the effect is equivalent to pulling the battery).
Step2: Then holding down the switch button and the Home button, when you see the white Apple Logo, please release the switch button, and continue to hold the Home key.

Step3: Open iTunes, wait for it to prompt you to recovery mode, you can hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, click on "Restore", and select the appropriate firmware for recovery.
After that you can fix the trouble that you confused about easily.

iPad mini by System Restore how to restore black

Method 1:
Step1: A time when iPad Mini run into black sreen, then press the Home key will find the main screen does not work, do not have any reaction.
Step2: Then we can try iPad Mini press the power button on the back of the top of the lock, if it is caused due to a software system stuck black, under normal circumstances iPad Mini will automatically restart.
Step3: Remember a long press the power lock screen button.

Step1: If you press the power lock key is still no response, then, next to the "main screen Home button and power button" simultaneously press and hold together and hold for 5 seconds or more.
Step2: These two buttons simultaneously, then press, you can force the shutdown iPad Mini, like direct long press the power button on the computer the same. Then press the power button to boot, so that iPad Mini to restart the system, you can resume normal use.

The two methods may helpful to a part of iPad mini users. If it is not helpful to you, or you can’t understand it clearly, you can see more as below.

How to use the tool-Reiboot to solve the problem of iPad mini black screen

Reiboot is a tool that only have two buttons to help iPad/iPhone/iPod users to deal with black/blue screen, frozen and other common troubles. You can learn more details about it as below.

Steps1: Download Reiboot from the site as below and install it on any useful computer. And then connect your iPad mini that black screen to the computer.
Step2: Running Reiboot on the computer, and then click the button “enter recovery mode”, then it can help you fix iPad mini black screen in this progress. After that click the button “Exist recovery mode”, then your iPad mini will restart in normal with no black screen.

This is the much easier method for iPad users to learn how to fix iPad mini black screen. Hope you can remember the easy method to deal with the same trouble. Good luck to you.

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