Top 3 Free Tricks to Fix iPhone Stuck on Reboot Loop While Updating to iOS 9

“Dear all, I need your help! I am stuck in an endless reboot loop when I update my iPhone to iOS 9. The update is having issues. It gets stuck at 90%, fails and restarts my iPhone again and again. That’s really bad for me because I can’t use my iPhone now. Although I have backup the date in it, I really love this iPhone. I want to get it back, without endless reboot. So does anyone have the good idea to help with me?”

Most of the iPhone users are accustomed to use iPhone. Once they get an iPhone in hand, they are not likely to use Android. Since Apple usually updates their iOS system, the iPhone users update it, too. However, sometimes there are some bugs while upgrading it. In this article, we are going to share some tips about the iOS 9 reboot loop when updating iPhone to iOS 9. Hope it can do you a favor.

Tip 1: Restore iPhone with iTunes
The first easy way you can use it to use iTunes to restore your iPhone while updating to iOS 9. You can backup the data in your iPhone and then attempt to restore it. Just need to connect iPhone to the computer with USB cable and then open iTunes. It will automatically find your iPhone stucks in recovery mode. Then you can restore your Apple mobile phone with iTunes. After that, you can get your previous data in iTunes. Then you won’t lose anything.

Tip 2: Use Volume Up in iPhone
The second free way is to take ulitilize iPhone volume up button. But to mention that, this way is suitable to jailbroken iOS device only. You can press volume up button when the machine is booting up in order to get your iPhone out of reboot loop.

Tip 3: Get ReiBoot to Boot Up iPhone
The third free way is to make use of third-party freeware, such as Tenorshare ReiBoot. This little software is designed to solve all the iOS device stuck problems. With the simple enter and exit recovery mode button, your iPhone problems such as reboot loop, black screen…. will be fixed. I think we can’t find any other tool that is able to replace this gadget.

Well, that’s all about how to fix iOS 9 update reboot loop problems. You can choose one of them to solve your iPhone problem. Thank you and hope it helpful to you.

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