iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 9 Not Charging, How to Fix it

We all know that iPhone is a much popular mobile phone brands. It is loved by most mobile phone users.  So when your iPhone 6 plus cannot properly charged, how can you deal with that problem?

iPhone 6 plus recharged into the point how to do

One of the methods is that you just need to install the "Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler", any Lightning lines (including knockoff) are able to make your iPhone6 plus charging.
How to install:
Step1: First, the device must have been jailbroken, open Cydia first enter the “Management” – “Software Sources“ – “Edit” – “Add” to add a new source address.
Step2: And then searching for Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler in the “search”.
Tip: If you can’t search Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler, you can enter Cydia- “change” - Click on the upper left corner Refresh - re-search the plugin.
Step3: After entering the top right corner of the “installation“, then click ”OK“, it will automatically start the installation.

The common situations and solutions for iPhone 6 plus not charing

Situation1: As usual we are accustomed to the phone stuck in his trouser pockets, at the bottom of the phone's charging port easily into the ash, thereby causing the interface and the power cord is bad. So when the phone does not charge when encountered, please check the bottom of the phone interface whether there has been a blockage.

Situation2: If the phone power interface is no problem, then we can use the replacement method, usually with the charger and power cord replaces it. This time around there is a computer, the Apple phone can access your computer's USB port, see whether you can charge properly. If you can be charged, then explain charger problem.

Situation3: If we connect the phone to the computer, it cannot charge it, and then you can borrow someone else's iPhone power cord, look after the changeover cannot be resolved. If you change the line to solve the problem, it means that the line is a problem, change the speed of the power cord it.

Situation4: If all of the above methods cannot solve your problem, then you need to recall, the phone whether there has been water. Because there will be water or fall could cause damage to internal parts of the phone, which cannot be recharged. Of course, there may be other cases, however, this time the phone may be a fault with the hardware, and personal advice to you is to phone Apple authorized repair service allows for testing.

iPhone 6 Plus Charge is Not Normal How To Do

I believe there are many users of the iPhone 6 Plus charge is not normal do not know how to do, based on past experience with the machine, the problem in the future from time to time with the machine during no possibility does not appear, so today small will come and everyone Share next iPhone 6 Plus charge is not normal how to do.

Step1: iPhone 6 Plus or other iPhone, we often need to charge at home, in the office charge, thus leading to the charging data cable and charger not enough, things often encountered this fruit powder.
Step2: If the charge, using the original data cable is not a normal state do not appear under normal circumstances. If you sometimes encounter, replace your appliance inserted row. Or go back to another socket is energized. If you change the position or so, there may be data cable or charger is damaged.
Step3: The data line is replaced with another one unoriginal, but better quality point line, into the charger, in general, can be charged, if not, try to replace the charger, there may be damage to the charger.
Step4: Here to the recommended use of official original charger with data cable, this phone is guaranteed.
After the above 4 steps, you can solve the problem of iPhone 6 plus charge is not normal easily.

Hoping this blog is much useful to you. And it can helps you solve the problem of iPhone 6 plus on ios 9 not charing in easiest and quickest way.

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